Video Poker: rules and strategy

video poker: Jacks or Better online

Video poker is one of the most successful games in online casinos and the reasons for this success are easy to understand. The large amount of variants available, the ease of access, the high payouts (payment percentages) are factors that certainly could not escape the historical enthusiasts of this game, now present for several years in the form of bar machines and betting shops of the whole national territory. Today, having the opportunity to play online without necessarily having to respect the opening and closing times, the same fans flock to the online gambling halls.

Video Poker always loads

To the advantages of the aforementioned video poker we can add one that we consider extremely important: the fact that the video poker of online casinos are always “loaded”, that is, they never present the possibility that they are “recovering” perhaps because some player has just dug out. In fact, while on real video poker this possibility exists and is consistent, in online video poker this cannot happen. In addition, there are also considerably higher payouts than real video poker. The payout of online video poker is always higher than 90% (it can even be 96-97%).


In addition to the purely economic factor, online video poker allows you to play comfortably from home at any time of day or night. In fact, online casinos do not have opening or closing times, but are always active (even on any live tables). For this reason, you can also play at times more appropriate to your habits, such as Sunday immediately after lunch or the night before sleeping, in total relaxation. You can wait for the Sunday matches to start having fun on all the available variants.

Game variants

An additional advantage of online video poker is the large range of game variants available. In addition to the more classic ones such as Jacks or better, Tens or Better, Deuces Wild, Joker Poker etc., you can find more sophisticated versions. In addition, you will have the opportunity to play video poker in a multi-line version, which means that you can play multiple lines for the same hand.